Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dobro Došli (Welcome) Scotts!

Hey everyone! A new update for you:

The Scott's are here! Dave, Betsy, and JJ Scott arrived in Zagreb on Monday! After months of preparation and anticipation, the Scott's have finally been able to join us here in Zagreb. The Scott's were previously living and serving in France for nearly a year. Now they have committed to living and serving in Croatia for the next several years. Dave, Betsy, and JJ, their five year old son, are awesome and we are so glad to have them here with us.

Remember the Scott's in your prayers as they are getting settled here in Zagreb, entering into language school and kindergarten (for JJ of course), and transitioning into life and culture here in Croatia. Pray for us as a team as we begin to figure out what it looks like for the seven of us to serve together and to support one another here as a team.

That's all for now.